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NoticeWare Reporter provides ultimate flexibility for Inspection firms with one or more Inspectors.

If you are looking for multiple, complete inspection templates to get you started, this is the product for you. Reporter currently provides two different powerful templates to get you started with your on-site Septic Inspection including:

- Septic 1

- Septic 2

Templates are easy to change and manage for mutiple Inspectors. Reports can be merged and altered on the fly if necessary. Changes to Report Sections, Subsections and Items made in Reporter Mobile can be merged back and converted to new templates with Reporter Desktop.

Centralized Template Management gives you control over the Templates and assures Inspectors are using the most up-to-date version.

In addition, NoticeWare Reporter comes with license to use Reporter Mobile on any Android device. For one low cost, with no monthly or hosting fees.

NoticeWare Reporter gives you access to our extensive library of industry templates ranging from Fireplace inspection to Property Management. Templates can be merged to create your own custom templates.

There is full support and online videos and documentation to get you started. 

If you are looking for customization, NoticeWare can provide any template you require through our Service Department. Contact us for details!

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                                                           Septic Reporter Pro


Developed for Android as a stand-alone application, this affordable solution provides single Inspectors with the ability to produce Septic Inspection reports directly to the client from any Android device.

New templates can be created, or the default template can be altered to suit your needs. Quick Comments, Items, Sections and Subsections can be added, edited, deleted and duplicated to customize reports to your Inspection practices and standards.

Septic Reporter Pro allows you to produce a PDF Report on-site and email it to your client. No Proprietary Cloud Services or monthly fees and no need for a continuous Internet connection. Just one powerful Android app with all the features you could want. 

Septic Reporter Pro includes three powerful Templates that you can edit and alter as required for Septic Inspection including:

- Septic 1

- Septic 2

Simple, Straight Forward, Easy to Understand and Use

Septic Reporter Pro is designed to be used on-site, in the field! No need to squint to see what the report question is. Nor do you need to figure out multiple levels of menus, form windows or even how to start a report. Septic Reporter Pro has been designed from the ground up to be simple, straight forward and easy to understand and use.



Optimized for Tablet Use

Septic Reporter Pro works incredibly well on Smart phones, but put it on a tablet and it is on fire. We have utilized all the screen space that a tablet provides to allow for fewer clicks and quicker reporting.

Publish to PDF

When you are finished, build your PDF format report and then email it to your client immediatly. Not ready to send the full report? You can send just the summary and follow-up with the full report, later. Files can also be uploaded to any free Cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox or just good old email. No need to pay ongoing hosting fees for storage of old reports and worry about security, privacy or loss.

Easy to Read Reports

The reports generated from Septic Reporter Pro are easy to read. The Report includes a Table of Contents, a Summary showing Items that you have noted are especially important to the reader and the Body of the report. You can include Section Headers and Footers and the Scope and Limitations as well as any other custom pages that you would like to include. You can delete Sections that you don't use, but empty Sections in the report will not print, only Sections, Subsections and Items that have data entered. 

Photo Import

You can add an unlimited number of photos to your report. Using your built in camera in your device you can take photos of defects as you go along. The photo will print with the item that you associated it with. An icon will appear reminding you that you have a photo associated. Don't want to take a photo right now? Flag the item to take a photo later and Reporter will remind you before you produce your PDF. If you are using a digital camera, you can upload your photos to a service like Dropbox, or email them to your Android device. Fireplace Reporter Pro allows you to import photos from any service that you have installed or the Gallery.

Quick Comments

Pre-built comments for all the standard-type check items are already pre-installed to save you time and effort when creating your report. They also serve as a reminder for what you need to be looking at. You can add your own Quick Comments to the templates with Extended Comments for explanations that you typically include in your report, or if you wish to be more verbose.

Voice Recording

Don't want to type on your Android device? No problem! Voice recording is the way to go if you have a lot to say. Did you know that you can say "period" and a period will be inserted?

Duplicate Sections

Is the Template missing something? Easily duplicate Sections and Subsections and Items in the report on the fly. Where there is 1 or 20 appliances and systems to inspect, duplicating a Section and re-naming it as needed is quick and efficient.

Spell Checker

Your Android auto-correct will check your spelling so that your report is professional and clear.


When you are inspecting, sometimes you are in one area of the property and realize you need to go back to something else. Our flagging system allows you to quickly flag an item for further inspection. You can also flag an item that needs a photo attached. When you are done your report, Flags can be easily viewed on their own tab so that you can walk through them quickly and clear them or be reminded of what you might have missed. 

Summary Option


What if your client needs the report NOW, and you have a f


ew things you want to clean up? No problem. Simply send the client the Summary portion of the report only and 

follow up with the full report later. You can edit the Summary text to include a disclaimer or whatever text you wish to include.


Don't loose your report just because your device battery died. Septic Reporter Pro automatically saves your report as soon as you make a change. 


Septic Reporter Pro provides a great savings. There are no monthly fees or service charges. 


We are here for you. We understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning a new software program and that’s why we’ve made it so easy. Our online tutorials are constantly being updated to provide you with all the information you need to run your business and make money. Our Support Technicians are available by email and online chat for your total convenience.

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