How it Works

On-Site Inspections made Easy!

Just five easy steps:

1. Creating reports is a breeze!

Select a Template to start a Report

Starting a new report is easy. Just select a template from the list, give it a name and start collecting data.

Add New Fields, Duplicate Sections

Customize your report on the fly to cover those unexpected situations.

2. Collect your data!

Collect data for your Report

Easy Navigation

Select which sections need answers, not everything does. Unanswered sections do not print in the final report.

Add Photos

Take a photo from your phone. Add some mark-up to point out the problem.

Add a Sketch

Need to show the location of hidden treasure? Draw a sketch!

Add your Comment

Use your device's voice to text feature or use a built-in Quick Comment.

3. Preview your Report!

Preview the Report PDF


View the Final PDF

You can create and view the final PDF report right on your smart phone.

View the Summary PDF

You can create a PDF of just the summary items and send it straight to your client.


4. Deliver your Report!

Preview the Report PDF

Ready to Report?

Send your report right from your smart phone or tablet. Or if you need to do more work on it, send it to yourself.

Need to do more work?

You can import your report to NoticeWare Reporter Desktop. Here you can merge reports from multiple inspectors or devices. Add more comments.
Edit photos further. Do more research.

All done?

Email your report straight to your client or upload it to a cloud service. Get Paid!

5. Personalize your Reports

Preview the Report PDF

Create Custom Templates

Create custom templates to inspect anything you need to. Choose from our extensive collection or start from scratch. Our desktop version makes it easy or you can do it right on your phone. You can move templates back and forth using Drop Box, Google Drive or even email.

Customize your Logo

Personalize your Inspection Reports with your company's logo. Add your company information to be included in all your reports.